Lead Exposure Questionnaire

With the understanding that every human being on Earth is exposed to a certain level of toxic heavy metals, it is suggested that everyone integrate chelation into their daily regimen. However, we realize certain individuals will have a higher level of exposure than others. This questionnaire is designed to be simple tool to help determine where you fall on the exposure scale. Keep in mind, while the exposure scale will give you an idea on the amount of lead you’ve been exposed to, it is not a scientific method of determination and does not take into consideration age and duration of exposure, both key components. To get a truly accurate representation of what your levels are, you need to ask your doctor for a screening. Also keep in mind, a screening will not determine the entire amount of lead in your body, but the amount of lead in the sample of blood, urine or feces at the moment of the screening.

Not one person alive has a level of zero, even babies are born with a certain level since the mother has them in her body and passes them to the child during pregnancy. By answering these questions, you can get an idea of where you stand on the scale, which will provide a descent baseline from where to start your journey of chelation.

Answer these questions, for each yes answer give yourself one point, question 3 is worth 2 points.

  1. Do you live in a highly populated area (more than 50,000)?  (Yes) (No)
  2. Do you live in or frequently visit a house/apartment built before 1978?  (Yes) (No)
  3. Do you work in any of these fields? [2 points] (Yes) (No)
    1. Mining
    2. Iron work/welding
    3. Construction
    4. Smelter
    5. Law Enforcement (where shooting is required)
    6. Automotive Repair
    7. Metal shop
  4. Do you participate in any of these activities (outside of work)?   (Yes) (No)
    1. Welding
    2. Home renovation
    3. Automotive Repair
    4. Shooting
    5. Stained Glass
    6. Pottery
  5. Do you come in frequent contact with someone who participates in any of these activities?   (Yes) (No)
    1. Mining
    2. Iron work/Welding
    3. Construction/Home renovation
    4. Automotive Repair
    5. Shooting
    6. Stained Glass
    7. Pottery
  6. Have you ever lived outside the United States for a duration of three months or more? (Yes) (No)
  7. Do you live in an area with any industry? Factories, smelter, battery recycling etc  (Yes) (No)

Count the number of yes answers and see where you are on the exposure scale. Remember, this is NOT a scientific test, but a generalized questionnaire to show you how exposed to heavy metals you might be.

A yes answer to any of these questions means you are at risk for lead exposure, the more yes answers, the greater your risk. If your score is 3 or more, your risk of exposure is much greater.

If your score is 5 or more, It is recommended you see your doctor to ascertain your blood lead levels and get on chelation therapy whether cream, suppository or IV (through a doctors office). You are very likely at risk for a high level of exposure and should take this very seriously.