Heavy Metal Exposure is a Problem Most People Don’t Know Exists!

Kelacream’s unique Topical Calcium Disodium EDTA Cream has been formulated to reduce effects of lead & heavy metal exposure providing tons of great health benefits for your entire family!

Kelacream is safe, easy to apply, and effective for all ages. Get your Heavy Metals out today and live more life!

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Heavy Metal Detoxification Information

More about EDTA Chelation Therapy & EDTA

The Human Body

Does not have an adequate mechanism to rid itself of heavy metals. Human beings worldwide, regardless of location are exposed to lead & heavy metals on a daily basis. Now that you know, what do you do about it?

EDTA Chelation

Chelation (key-lay-shun) is a treatment which introduces EDTA into the body where it binds to heavy metal molecules, then carries them out with normal body waste (urine & feces).  Topical EDTA cream is the easiest and most cost effective means of Chelation Therapy without a prescription.

History of EDTA Chelation

Discovered nearly a century ago by German scientist Ferdinand Munz & later used to treat workers who painted US Navy ships, EDTA chelation therapy has been proven extremely safe and effective.

Quality, Efficacy, & Consistency

Superior product information, how to videos, & safe detoxification assistance

Everyone needs Chelation.

Human beings all over the world, regardless of location are exposed to heavy metals daily. As recently as 2018, news & consumer reports have identified elevated lead levels in the water supply for places like Chicago, Illinois, Flint, Michigan and Atlanta, Georgia.

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